To boldly go where no delay has gone before. Supermassive, the new free plugin from Valhalla.

Plugin manufacturer Valhalla is well known for their reverb plugins. They all come with simple interfaces, affordable price tags and wonderful algorithms.

Their new offering Supermassive is no different. Its a delay plugin with bags of character and eight different feedback networks to choose from. According to their site “these algorithms run digital delay lines in series and/or parallel, in such a way that the echo density would build with time (as found in a real acoustic space).” (Costello, 2020)

If you’re looking for a nice warm analog delay reminiscent of a tape echo this plugin is NOT for you. As Sean Costello of Valhalla DSP puts it when talking about the algorithms. “They are unrepentantly digital, and unrepentantly un-natural. The Supermassive algorithms just want to be themselves.” (Costello, 2020)

I messed with it earlier today and was delighted with some of the things it could do. As a Star Trek fan and someone who’s fascinated by astronomical objects and stellar phenomenon. The chosen names for the plugins and its algorithms are a welcome treat.


Costello, S., 2020. The Philosophy Of Valhallasupermassive – Valhalla DSP. [online] Valhalla DSP. Available at: <; [Accessed 20 May 2020].

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