Star Citizen Anvil – F7C Super Hornet – Sound Redesign

This is a sound redesign for the Super Hornet from Star Citizen. I end up using FM8 in a lot of my work. There’s a layer of it here when the main thruster fires. The crackle is coming from a sparkler that’s been pitched down and distorted. Apart from that, I’m also using NI MassiveContinue reading “Star Citizen Anvil – F7C Super Hornet – Sound Redesign”

8 bit Sound Redesign

As part of a sound design challenge, I had to design sounds for a Pokemon whose attacks are preceded by singing. Probably should have skipped the background music but, I couldn’t resist. I’m using a synth called Magical 8 bit Plug 2. You can download it for free here. I’m also using free air windowsContinue reading “8 bit Sound Redesign”

Affordable Brushed Drum Sample Pack

I was working on a project recently where I needed some decent brushed drums. I needed it to be simple and affordable since the project was on a pretty tight budget. Firstly, there just aren’t that many sample packs for brushed drums out there and the ones that do exist are pretty expensive. After lookingContinue reading “Affordable Brushed Drum Sample Pack”

Unity Engine walk-through project

As part of my game audio module at Point Blank Music School I had to create a walk-through using Unity Engine. The goal was to create an environment that you could navigate as a first person character. The environment once created had to be populated with character and environmental sounds. In this video I takeContinue reading “Unity Engine walk-through project”

To boldly go where no delay has gone before. Supermassive, the new free plugin from Valhalla.

Plugin manufacturer Valhalla is well known for their reverb plugins. They all come with simple interfaces, affordable price tags and wonderful algorithms. Their new offering Supermassive is no different. Its a delay plugin with bags of character and eight different feedback networks to choose from. According to their site “these algorithms run digital delay linesContinue reading “To boldly go where no delay has gone before. Supermassive, the new free plugin from Valhalla.”

Things to do before you mix

Mix prep is probably the most underrated topic in mixing. Probably because it’s also the least glamorous. When you’re watching a 10min video of you’re favorite engineer cutting 3 db from kick drum and suddenly it sits perfectly in the mix, but every time you do it you’re left wondering if it makes any differenceContinue reading “Things to do before you mix”